When you are choosing a hosting company, you may have to decide between Linux hosting or another kind of hosting, Microsoft being the most likely. How do you decide between Linux and Microsoft? It all comes down to what you want or need.  A side by side comparison of what each hosting solution offers will tell you which one you need.

In functionality, the two are very similar. Many things you can do with a Microsoft solution you can also do with Linux. They both offer FTP access, HTML and JavaScript, FrontPage extensions, Cold Fusion, and MySQL database. Where Linux is stronger than Microsoft is in Telnet/SSH Access, CGI/Perl, and PHP where Windows has limited function. Where Microsoft is stronger than Linux is that Linux has limited ASP, and has no Access Database.

It all comes down to what you want in a hosting solution. If you require an Access Database, you won’t want a Linux server. Likewise if you want full functionality in your PHP, Linux is a better choice.