What is a free CSS template and how are they applied? The CSS is the short version of Cascading Style Sheets. When you need to create a specific style of your own for a web site, you can use the free CSS templates easily downloaded free in no time. The free CSS template will allow you to create a specific, single style throughout the site and uniformity can  be maintained. This will make the site look more professional. Many sites offer free CSS templates. One example is www.csstemplatefree.org , a site that provides free CSS templates that are W3C compliant and do not have tables. The major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (different versions) are all compatible with these free CSS templates. Many developers have tested these CSS templates. Sites like this also offer many new versions of the CSS free templates that help you to design the web site initially, and the templates can be further customized to suit the needs of its users.